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New York Deli

The New York Deli is the only restaurant of its kind in Haarlem. Based on the Jewish lower east side Manhattan delicatessen's from the 1920's.

The aim of the signage and décor here was to keep it classic and classy and give the patrons an experience of stepping back in time.

On the front doors we reverse painted a list of the items you can find on the menu, and to give it that unforgettable feel we used 24ct gold leaf with a mirror finish on some of the words.

The front window has a the Logo also reverse painted with a slightly distressed look to give you the feel that it has been there since the 1920's itself. Under the logo and tag line are the words, famous delicatessen in  mirror finish 13ct white gold leaf

The façade of the shop also has the logo painted onto the rough rendered finish with a slightly distressed look as on the window logo.

Stepping inside the Restaurant nd looking behind the bar, you will find all kinds of items painted on the tiles from food and drinks to kitchen utensils and my favourite the giant steers head. These were also painted with a vintage style to give that classic old school vibe.

The first of the large beams that go from one side of the room to the otheris painted as a chalkboard. we freestyled a few important things on here with chalk markers, such as, No Cash, Pin only, a welcome message and take out or dine in.

the toilet doors also have some hand painted ale and female illustrations in a nice classic style.

Last but certainly no least is the replicated old Lagunitas Beer poster mirror that we made using an old window, reverse painted the posted and back it all up with silver leaf. The silver leaf was given a distressed look to give that old worn look.

This is of our favourite jobs to date. Huge thanks to Fausto (the owner) for entrusting us to do our thing and help push the décor of the New York Deli to the next level.

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