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Haarlem Sign Painter


G'day, my name is Ben Plummer, I am an Australian signwriter based in Haarlem the Netherlands.

My journey as a sign maker started back in 2007 when I started my apprenticeship in Adelaide. After countless efforts trying to land a gig as a signy and being told I first needed experience, I was finally given a chance and I didn't let it slip.

In the first year of my apprenticeship I was awarded with the academic excellence award from Tafe SA where I studied and finished first in my class. The next year I was awarded a gold award by the Australian sign and graphics association for work by a first year apprentice for a mural I painted.

Two years later in my last year as an apprentice I entered the Worldskills competition and won gold in the Adelaide regional sign making section and then went on to win the Australian national gold medal in the same section.

This lead to me being awarded a BBM scholarship that would take me to Wales in the UK for a month long intensive training program.
At the end of the scholarship I decided to take an extended break and travel to a few countries in Europe. Once returning home to Adelaide I knew it was time to take the step to doing my own thing and learning more about myself and the world.

I made the leap to working full time for myself as a sign maker. Skip forward 10 months and I couldn't get the thought and vibe from Europe out of my head, so I packed everything up and moved to the Netherlands to see what life had to offer me for a year.

Landing a job at a local sign company, the year quickly flew by. Being asked if I would like to stay for another two years was an easy answer for me. Three years later, marrying my dutch better half Lisa, I decided it was time to take control of my future once again and took the step to working full time for myself again. and so the Ben Plummer sign co. was born!

I decided to focus on my signwriting roots and original study of sign painting and now enjoy hand crafting signs and visuals for the city of Haarlem and its surroundings.


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